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Specific fic, probably J2, Hurt!Jensen
I really don't have much information on this one, I just remember one specific scene I'm hoping someone recognizes. Jensen (pretty sure it's Jensen) is hurt and a new director (?) has him tied to a chair for a scene, not the way it was originally planned, with his shoulders back (I think?) And it really hurts him. Jared's not there? Someone, a cameraman or crew, refuses to keep going because it's hurting Jensen so badly and Jared is furious when he finds out. I'm not sure if the Js are in a relationship or anything.

That's all I've got, except faith in you guys. Please help me find it!

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This probably isn't the one you're looking for, but it's along the same lines. And it's a wonderful piece of writing.

A Few Simple Rules for Taking Care of One's Mogwai Jensen

Thank you. It is actually 'Just One Breath' - belated thank-yous, kaiz! But I'm always happy to get another story to read, so thank you, too :-)

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