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Hey all, hi. I've been in a writing mood lately, which is great because things have been rocky this past year. I've started the 'Into Your Head' sequel, and an SPN genderswap, which I've never written before.

I've been bingeing Leverage, prompted by Christian Kane in Librarians. I've never written Leverage, but I'm pretty solid on it. So I want to write a Leverage story or two, and I'm hoping someone will brainstorm with me? Probably will be a Leverage/Librarian crossover, because you can never have too much Christian Kane, and an SPN/Leverage crossover, because duh. All slash, of course. With possible twincest...

I won't be ready to chat for about a week, so there's time to think about it. I'd just like to bounce ideas around with an interested party. I'll accept any help with gratitude.
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